Change lives

Our mission is to unlock the potential of the world’s most underrepresented, underprivileged, and underrated developers.

Millions of promising junior engineers can’t grow because they were born "wrong country", with the "wrong" accent, culture, timezone, etc.

We call this BS.

Our mission is to enable anyone to grow on the world’s best codebases. And it works: star engineers include Afghan women who struggled when the Taliban took Afghanistan, and alumni got into Google, Meta, and Amazon.

More success stories here. More on the background story here.


Join an amazing team

Here's a taste of some things the team has done:

🔥  Several ex-founders - one sold his company to Carta

🧠 National math olympiad winner and former Typescript team member

⛵️ Two sailing world champions and Ironman finishers

🦄 Teammates who have already gone through the seed to unicorn journey

🚀  A rocket scientist who launched a space mission

The team’s also diverse:

🌍  9 nationalities for ~10 people

👩‍💻  The engineering team happens to be 50% female

And more importantly, the number one thing newcomers notice is that people are truly kind. More on this when we meet!